Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Twitchy Madness.

Today was a rough day; I think on day one I was living off whatever I ate on the weekend. I ended up eating a little more than allowed on plan today, but I was trying to avoid HUNGRY, which was lurking around every corner.

One of my old habits, on medifast or off it, is coffee; when I'm on, I like it especially because of the (perceived?) increase in metabolism. Also, I can put creamer in it, which has just enough calories to get me through rough spots.

The downside of this wonderful plan is that it's now 3:12 AM local time and I'm not at all tired. Stoopid coffee.

At least I stopped being hungry hours ago.

Hurm. My boss is probably just getting online now.  Perhaps I should just sign in to work and start my day.


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Brian Borchers said...

I've gone decaf- it helps me to sleep better, and there is at least one study out that suggests that drinking caffinated coffee can temporarily raise blood sugar...