Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 64 - Week 9 weigh in


I have been feeling like I'm plateauing for the last month, which has been killing my motivation.

Of course, on this plan with the average supposedly being 5 pounds a week, anything less than that feels like you're stalled, but looking back over the official numbers the past few weeks, I'm still losing, just more slowly.

I missed the official weigh in on week six because I was in Chicago. Week five was 255, week seven was 250, week eight was 247.5, and today was 245.5; So, over 4 weeks, I'm down 9.5 pounds, an average of about 2.4 a week. So, nothing to sneeze at.

I think the thing that threw me is that partway through week six, I was already at 247, and then I went up before going back down, but the weekly weigh ins show that I'm still trending down. So, time to quit whining about the slow weight loss, especially since...


I had gotten my insulin usage down to 35 units a day before the long weekend, and then cleverly forgot my freshly packed pen as we rushed out the door on 3 hour car ride away. Realized my mistake about 2 hours into the trip.

So, I figured I'd do a trial run on the long weekend with no insulin whatsover. I figured, my mom is using a very similar type of basal insulin, if my numbers go completely out of whack, I have a fallback plan. I was only on 35 units, and was dropping 5 every few days, so how bad could it get?

As it turns out, not bad at all! My fasting sugar was 86 that morning, I discontinued the insulin that night, and through today, it's been 90, 89, 102, 113, 104; The intra-day checks don't seem to be going over 130 (just as before.)

Now, I had checked with the doctor at the last visit; She told me to keep reducing the insulin as I'd been doing, and if I discontinued it, great. So while I should have done that last 35 units over the course of about 2 weeks, this ended up working, thankfully. Kids: don't try this at home.

So now I've managed to cut my meds needed to about half, and while doing that, have better control than I did with all the meds. And I'll probably be able to drop more after my next six week eval. Now why didn't I do this earlier?


Slowly getting back up to speed here. Biking 2-3 nights a week.

My mom just bought our family a Wii Fit, and the entire family loves it. The kids were arguing over who gets to play it last night when I got home, which is 1) typical for them when there's a TV involved, but 2) they were exercising. For fun.

After they all went to bed, I logged about 50 minutes on it myself, doing a variety of cardio, balance, flexibility, and strength training.

I just wish the thing wouldn't say "... Oh!" every time you step on it, like you've put on another 5 pounds and it's afraid to actually tell you.


Brad J (Kazrak) said...

That "Oh!" is so disturbing. Makes me think of the assorted old Garfield strips where the scale screams in horror when he steps on it.

SusieH said...

Rawk on with the downward trend. Great! WiiFit almost...almost I say...makes me want to get a Wii.