Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 55 - Corrections

Went through my closet yesterday and tried on every piece of clothing. I'm left with a few shirts that fit nicely (having been purchased at a time of optimism coinciding with a sale some months ago!), and some more that, while serviceable, were still too large. Some clownishly large.

So in our errands yesterday, we ended up going shopping for some clothes for me. At least one of my readers will be happy to know that while I can fit into a large t-shirt, I still require an XL dress shirt. Give it another month. Pants are down to a size 40.

Also, I missed a medication in yesterday's posting. I get to cut my crestor dosage in half as well.

Yesterday was my first day on a half dose of the blood pressure meds, and I was still dizzy. Not stop-the-world dizzy like I have been, but enough to notice. I've dug out the mini BP cuff and will monitor for a few days; if it stays low, I get to renegotiate meds with the doc yet again. Woot.

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