Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 45 - Back home again, jiggity jiggle.

So, I'm back from Chicago; I went 5 days without a weigh in anywhere, and while I've been pretty good, I was of course nervous about the weigh-in this morning.

Shouldn't have been; 7 pound drop since last Friday morning.

That puts me at 247 pounds:
  • 1st weigh-in in the 240s
  • 35 pounds total loss
  • 74% towards my initial goal of 235.
Thanks to all the perl/parrot folk who were very understanding about me avoiding the eating portions of the conference.

I have my fasting blood work on Monday and a 3-month doc checkup on Friday; I'll have been on this plan for about 7 weeks when I get the bloodwork done. I'm excited to see those numbers, especially my A1c.

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