Monday, June 2, 2008

Day 28 - Final day of week 4

Since my last post, I've gained 5.5 pounds back (with dailies that were up, down, and one the same); That puts me 2 pounds over my last weekly weigh in. Even more frustrating, the jump up today of 4 pounds is the first time since I started 4 weeks ago where my 5 day average has gone up.

I definitely stuck to program today; Did a much better job than I usually do, and it was easier, now that I'm used to the routine. Stuck to the schedule (pretty much every 2 hours today). Haven't been tempted to go back and have anything after lastmeal1, either. So, something's working.

So, frustrating, but certainly not demotivating; As of this second (a purely informational bedtime weigh in), I'm back down to my weight of last week. That still puts me at an average of 5 pounds a week for the whole, even if I just hold steady until the official weigh in tomorrow.

Got my second month's worth of food today; sadly, I didn't login in time to customize it, so I got more of the same, but that's OK. I am finding I do better when I conspire to reduce my choices; that helps keep me focused on the food-as-fuel mantra.

Biggest tip I can provide to those who are considering a similar program: Build in some distractions to your day. Have stuff to do. Have a list of things you can work from if that helps. If you're a dork like me, setup a wiki for your household. Clean a room in your house. Do the dishes right now instead of leaving them until after dinner. Go to the library and get some books to read. Go for a walk - not because it's good for you, but because it will trick your lizard brain into looking at shiny things instead of thinking about your next meal.

Hell, go blog about something.

Look for another post in the morning for the official week's numbers.

1What do you call meals when you have six of them a day, and not always at the same time?

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