Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 39 - untethered

Well, the day started off like any other since I started this diet. Happened to maintain since yesterday (which is good, these new lows that I blog about have a way to magically influence the daily fluctuations, grumble.)

However, ended up a plane later in the day. Got through security just fine with all my medifast powder, and my drugs (even the insulin needles =-). Mixed up a shake while I was waiting for my flight. I swear the kid sitting across from me looked at me like I was about to conduct a non-TSA approved chemistry experiment.

Did fine on the flight itself, had a bar, passed along the snacky food to the lanky guy sitting next to me.

Did the insulin a little late today, but not too bad.

Staying in a not-so-luxurious dorm room, managed to find a microwave in a common area and heat up some medifast soup. I'm going to have to hit the local convenience store and see about getting a small bottle of tobasco or something.

But, managed to stay on track today on the diet, no problems. Found a vending machine with diet snapple, so I don't even have to give up my fix. =-)

As long as I can get some coffee on a regular basis, this trip should go pretty smoothly.

... And sleep. Sleep would be good. I was nodding off while chatting with the other conference goers, but now that I"m in my room with the AC cranked, no such luck.

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BigBert said...

Coke - I've always found travel the hardest...I've been doing a lot of it lately. Good luck, stay strong. You're an inspiration man.