Thursday, October 16, 2008

Goodbye, gram.

My grandmother, pictured a few posts back, died recently. She was 92, and she was, sadly, ready to go.

There were no services, so Rachael and I took the kids back to visit my mother and her sister, to make sure everyone was alright. I think everyone is sad, but not distraught.

(now comes the related food bits)

There was, of course, much eating during the visit. I've been holding steady in the 220-225 range for months now, after falling off the medifast wagon. (More like dangling off the side of the wagon). After that visit, I had plumped back up to just under 230 again. I'm now back down to ~ 225.

Last doctor's visit (after weeks of being at that range), saw a slight increase in A1C from 6 to 6.4 or so; No change in meds; 3 month followup instead of the 6-weeks we'd been doing.

I'm slowly getting ready to make the push for the last 20 pounds. Planning a switch to a morning gym schedule to sneak it in before work, slowly getting back on the medifast wagon.

Saw someone today who hasn't seen me since I started on medifast; she said I didn't even look like the same person, and when I got to the '20 pounds to go' bit, she had the awesomeness to say "From where!?". (I could show you, but this is a family blog.)

(food part over)

I do wish I had gotten my stuff together when gram could have appreciated it; I know she always worried about my weight and health (I know this because she was not afraid to tell me I'd put on a few pounds!).



Brian Borchers said...

I'm sorry for your loss- this is an important time for your family to come together.

I've wondered a bit about what my father would say about my weight loss. We'd argued for years about his smoking (he eventually died of lung cancer) and of course he hit back by pointing at my weight. I think we were both dumb...

Exercise (including weight lifting, yoga, and cardio) helped me tremendously in losing weight. I also think it's key to keeping the weight off- everyone that I've met who has lost a lot of weight and kept it off has a regular exercise program. I really feel the effects when I can't exercise because of injury or illness.

SusieH said...

Sorry your gram didn't get to enjoy the good news in person -she would certainly have been so pleased for you.

Sounds like a great plan for the last 20, I need to re-lose the FIRST 20 pounds. Oh well.