Friday, October 17, 2008

newer clothes

Kids had a school event tonight that didn't require my presence, so I dropped them off and went to the K to pick up some new clothes (again). The last of my old shirts are too big, and I don't have enough of a selection of L dress shirts to go a whole week.

Finally picked up a new belt (a 40. the 38 seemed a smidge too snug.) Got some 38" jeans, a large dress shirt, and... a medium long sleeved T. 

I tried on a medium dress shirt and it was a little too tight in the chest (to be fair the T is a little tight as well, but not obscenely so. I least, I don't think so)  but the stomach fit no problem. So if I start toning up, I'll be able to wear a mediums. And maybe some 36" pants.

I  can't tell you how insane this is.


Brian Borchers said...

I know- I went from XL shirts and 46" waist pants down to medium or small shirts (15-32/33 fitted shirts work well for me now) and 31" waist pants.

I decided to enjoy the process of buying new clothes and keep refreshing my wardrobe rather than doing it all at once. Each time I went to a smaller size I would buy a couple of shirts and a couple of pants, rather than buying a whole new wardrobe.

I got rid of clothes by donating them to the local thrift store- this got to the point where they really looked forward to seeing me every few months.

SusieH said...

Hey, skinny dude - long time, no posts. Hope all is well with you guys!!

SusieH said...

Dude...miss the blog! How are ya? Happy Christmas season.