Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lazy: Elevators

I work in a small office building. There's a cafeteria on the first floor (where I just got a yummy, diet-safe chef salad), and my company has offices on 2 and 3. I work on 2, but 3 has a stash of work-sponsored free beverage.

So, a typical lunch time jaunt is stairs from 2 to 1, grab lunch, elevator from 1 to 3, grab drink, stairs from 3 to 2, eat at desk.

Today, thankfully, the elevator was on 3 when I was on 1, so I had a chance to think "take the stairs, lazy!". Which I did.

At least I wasn't breathing hard by the time I got back to my desk. ^_^

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SusieH said...

I'm doing the " park farther away" trick to get a couple more steps in my day.

D. and I are back on the wagon; he's doing well but is back in the Sandbox. Harder there, but not impossible!!