Saturday, March 14, 2009

Chocolate easter bunny says what?

My son had two basketball games today, both at a high school a little under 11 miles away from our house; for the afternoon one, I had the bright idea of riding my bike out there, and meeting the family for the game.

I'm happy to report I made it in one piece, stopped only to drink some water, and can still walk. Sort of.

Switching between sitting and standing is going to hurt for a day or so; time to scope out a new bike and/or a new padded seat cover (I have a padded cover now; it's not enough!)

So, I biked last saturday for 7.5 miles, went to the gym at lunch on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and biked today for 10.7 miles. I even played some basketball with youngest kid for a while before it got dark.

Hopefully this means I'm in the running for the Fatty Bowl. More on that next post.

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