Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 11 - onward and downward

Yesterday for lunch, the guys at work asked me to go to lunch for sushi; said yes without thinking about it; then went anyway thinking I could find something safe at lunch. Tried out a new Japanese place near Crossgates Mall, had a sashimi platter; at the time I was very hungry, but it kept me full for some hours.

Last night was rough - there was a dinner function the entire family went to, and I had already planned (even before the sashimi) to not eat anything there. I had a bar (my second of the day, even though I'm only supposed to have one a day), but by the time we got home, I ended up throwing together a salad and putting in a can of tuna (which, of course, didn't compare at all to the tuna I had for lunch).

So I ended up doubling up on bars and probably went over on my allotment of meat for the day, too. I was concerned, but woke up this morning after a sound sleep to another 1.5 pound loss, and a blood sugar of 75. Woot.

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