Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 15 - End of Week 2

Had my 2 week weigh in this morning. Down to 267, a 15 pound loss in two weeks. Because I had a slight dip below there, my five day average is 267.5 at the moment.

My fasting blood sugar over the last five days has ranged from 75 to 83. I am now experimenting with a slight reduction in my insulin (was up to 80 units daily) to see if I can maintain the just-below 80 fasting reading with less.

I'm currently 32% of the way towards my initial weight goal of 235 pounds. At this week's current loss levels (ignoring the 9.5 drop the first week), that would put me at about July 1st. It probably won't go that fast, but I still haven't added my exercise back in yet. I plan on doing that this week, and will report back.

I need to start planning how I'm going to do with a week away from home on this plan. I suspect I'm going to have to switch to using mostly shakes and other cold mixes, and carry a lot of bottled water. Anyone have any thoughts on that, please leave a comment.

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