Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day 5

Heard back from my doctor's office yesterday ; there's a plan now for cutting back on medications as my blood sugar drops. Fasting dropped again to 87 this morning. If it hits 80, there's one I can drop entirely, after that, I can start dialing back on my insulin.

Lunch yesterday was no problem. Got steamed chicken and vegetables. Came with rice, but the waiter at Emperor's was very helpful when I asked for the rice to go before I dug in.  Not having it on the plate made it much easier to ignore. Had some hot sauce on the side. (Just spice, nothing at all creamy.)

Felt like crap last night, tired and weak. Fell asleep (not in bed, sadly!) about 10:30 or so last night, woke up at 10 am. Thanks to Raye for managing the kids this morning (er, that's pretty much every morning).

This is my first day at home on the plan. Hopefully I won't fall back into any old habits today.

Weight loss is proceeding nicely.

If you're subscribing this via a feed, there's a widget on the main page that shows the progress so far. I figured that would be less annoying that daily posts of "another six ounces!".

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